Reforged RAN | RAN Online Server

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Reforged RAN Online | RAN Online Server – (stylized as RAN Online) was a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Min Communications, Inc.. After starting the first official service in Korea in July 2004, RAN Online continued to expand globally. Servers were opened in Taiwan and Hong Kong in May 2005, Japan in September 2005, Malaysia in October 2005, Thailand in November 2005, the Philippines in January 2006, and North America in November 2013. On August 12, 2019, its official Facebook page announced the game’s closure.

  • Rates; Exp: High, ItemDrop: Mid, Gold: Mid
  • Max Level : 230
  • Skills: 7 – 207 ( Auto Learn, No need Quest / Sphere )
  • Characters Available (6) : Swordsman, Brawler, Shamman, Archer, Extreme, Gunner
  • Special Game Features: Extreme Reboot ( 1 Fist Only Auto Summon of Weapons )
  • Official Gunner Summon Skills Activity Quest System RCB1 Unlimited Dungeon
  • IN Game Functions ( Mall, Registration, Top Up, Exchange GameTime to VP, etc.)
  • Re Vamp Skill Stats and Effects ( To make PVP Much Thrilling )