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Vandaliah Minecraft (Minecraft Private Server) – A Minecraft server is a player-owned or business-owned multiplayer game server for the 2009 Mojang video game Minecraft. In this context, the term “server” often colloquially refers to a network of connected servers, rather than a single machine. Players can start their own server either by setting one up on a computer using software provided by Mojang, or by using a hosting provider so they can have their server run without downtime. The largest and most popular server is Hypixel.

Minecraft multiplayer servers are guided by server operators, who have access to server commands such as setting the time of day and teleporting players. Operators can also set up plugins to change the mechanics of the server or add commands, among other features, and can also set up restrictions concerning which usernames or IP addresses are allowed or disallowed to enter the server.

  • A Minecraft server is essentially a private network that any player can create for a multiplayer experience, allowing other people to join and play together.
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